Wyoming's Elite Waters

Blue Ribbon Fishing, an esteemed label, is exclusively bestowed upon Wyoming's top-tier trout fisheries, featuring over 600 pounds of trout per mile in streams. Reserved for the top 3-5 percent of state rivers, this designation signifies not only a thriving trout habitat but also an unmatched opportunity for anglers seeking a pristine and exceptional fishing environment. The Blue Ribbon status promises a rich diversity of wildlife, offering anglers an unparalleled experience in these exceptional waters.

fish on river shore

Locations and Licensing

The North Platte River, spanning from the Colorado line to Casper, emerges as a top choice among Wyoming's Blue Ribbon streams for avid anglers. To ensure a responsible and legal fishing experience, mandatory fishing licenses are required for all anglers aged 14 and older, be they residents or nonresidents. For the best outings, make sure you know what your group needs before you go.

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