Earn Rewards Whenever (Or Wherever) You Stay

Sign up for Guestbook Rewards and earn points every time you stay at the Ramkota Casper (and other Guestbook Rewards Hotels). When you book direct, you'll be eligible to earn cash rewards. Signing up only takes minutes; just an email is all you need.

How To Sign Up For Guestbook Rewards

You can sign up on the Guestbook Rewards site. From there you can check your point balance, learn about perks, and redeem cash rewards.

Sign Up

To activate your account, please click on the Activate button in the initial email you received from us. If you don’t have the email, please check your Junk/Spam folder or contact us so that we may resend it. Please note that failure to activate your account within 60 days of being rewarded will result in your rewards being forfeited.

Your cash rewards do not expire if you confirm your account within 60 days after completing your first stay and then keeping an active account. To keep your account active log in at least once each calendar year.

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